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JW Maxx Solutions On Managing a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing Campaign

A PPC Campaign is basically a rented piece of Internet real estate at the top of search engine results, paid to any one of a very large host of companies essentially selling the same thing. PPC ads will show up when the predetermined search words are used. For example, if your company sells vacuum cleaners, you may want the key words “best vacuum cleaner” and “vacuum cleaner reviews.” Note that you must be very specific in choosing keywords – notice how “vacuum cleaner” and “vacuum cleaners” have very different PPC sponsorships.
The two biggest companies for PPC campaigns are Google AdWords and Overture, though there are over 100 smaller companies to choose from.
The beauty of PPC campaigns lies in its economic efficiency. The price of traditional advertising media, such as television, radio or print, is based on gross impressions – that is, the fee set up by the vendor of ad space is based on how many people will see it and nothing more. What differentiates PPC advertising is that the fee is based on not how many people see the advertisement, but how many people actually act on it. In PPC campaigns, a fee is incurred to the owner only when search engine users actually click on the ad and follow its link.
Now, this can be a good or bad thing – if you’ve designed your ad to target the wrong market or demographic, you won’t pay out of pocket. However, you still may be at risk from click-throughs by semi-interested people. It is from these “half-interested” people that the true financial danger arises in PPC campaigns. It’s very hard to predict the correlation between how many people will click on your ad versus how many people will buy a product. Even if some people are finding your site and buying from you because of your PPC campaign, you still may be losing money.
Also, don’t suppose that just because your competitors are using relevant keywords in their PPC campaigns that you should, too. Many campaigns, even from the largest companies and distributors, cost more money to maintain than is actually earned through new traffic.
A PPC campaign requires constant attention and tweaking, along with a healthy dose of ad design and search engine knowledge, to successfully generate substantial revenue for any organization. Rather than reinventing the wheel and learning all the nuances and specifics of PPC, many companies are hiring seasoned online reputation managers like JW MAXX Solutions. We at JW MAXX Solutions understand how and where to place ads and where the untapped targetable markets are for your potential customers. We know the phrasing, keywords and relevancies that will stir action in search engine users and push them past the dreaded “half-interest” point, the dreaded pitfall of all PPC campaigns. Leave the PPC to us and just wait for the orders, customers, and followers to roll in.